Cherished Girl Christian Can Cooler Walk By Faith

Cherished Girl® Christian Can Cooler Walk By Faith Walk the walk every time you use this “Walk by Faith” Can Cooler in Yellow by Cherished Girl®. Wherever your path takes you—at home, school, work, out into the street, or (if you’re lucky!) to the beach—God walks beside you. When you believe in Jesus Christ, every step is a walk of faith. Second Corinthians 5:7 says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” You don’t have to know what’s around the bend; God’s got a plan for you—for good, for victory, and for eternity! Let go of the need to know what’s next and trust in Him. He is faithful to listen, to answer prayers, and to uphold you in His mighty right hand. Cheer on someone who needs to know that God is there for them. Pray for someone who has lost sight of what matters most, and let them know that you are praying for God’s guidance in their life. This is a message people long to hear: that they are noticed by someone who cares and that God has never, ever let them out of His sight. Share this message with someone you know, and share it on this fun soda cooler too. It’s an easy way to pass along the Good News to someone in need of God’s love. #CherishedGirl #WalkbyFaithCherished Girl® Christian Can Cooler—Walk by Faith Colors: Yellow Absorbent 3mm thick neoprene Fits standard 12-oz. can Multiple designs available